Raise your hand if you ever made a promise to yourself that you’ll start a new life this New Year, lead a healthy life, read a lot of novels, make great friends and many more promises, but we all know that by the end of February we will forget our resolutions and promises and make new promises to ourselves to start doing these from the next month and the cycle goes on and on….

These New Year’s resolution ideas—all curated by experts in their field—are small enough to be doable, but big enough to still give you that hell yeah feeling of satisfaction when you realize it’s March (or even November!) and you’re still going strong.


If your resolution is to get in shape then these  4 resolutions will help you-

  1. Formulate a Fitness Plan

Aim for three 40-minute workouts each week, at specific times. Your exercise schedule needs to be as important          as any other appointment you have. Vary your routine — maybe it’s tennis one day and a dance class on another          to challenge yourself and ward off workout boredom.


  1. Do a Reality Check

Be completely honest with yourself about how fit you are. Getting in shape is a personal journey that requires a           realistic self-perspective; some novice exercisers are overly ambitious and begin a workout plan or set goals that         are too hard on their bodies. So take it slow. Keep your focus on where you are and the progress you’ve made.


  1. Set a Fitness Goal

And give yourself enough time to reach it. Your mission is the motivation that will keep you going on days when          you feel like giving up. Be sure to create smaller goals too (such as doing 15 sit-ups), and reward yourself when            you reach them, to help propel you toward your big one.


  1. Plank Two Or Three Times A Week

To make it happen, work on mastering a high plank—holding your body in a straight, strong line for 60 seconds.          Then take it to your forearms, maintaining good form for one minute there, too. Aim to do this once a day, two to        three times a week, and you’ll see great results in the long run. “Try to do them in front of a mirror or take a                  picture or video of yourself to make sure you have good form.


If your resolution is to focus on self-care, mental health, and increasing self-confidence this year

  1. Move Your Social Media Apps Off From Home Screen

I know it’s the most difficult task of all, but to have a beautiful and well balanced life you need to move your eyes          off the screen and look around, enjoy the things around you, see happy faces and start making friends in real life.       Stop depending on number of likes and shares of your pics and posts coz it’s not gonna be remembered for long           but the memories you make will always be there in your heart no matter what.


  1. Spend Time With Your Loved Ones

In this busy world where no one has time to even look back in life, start learning to keep aside some time to                  spend it with those who really need it, it may be your parents, siblings, your lover or the one who you care a lot.            This helps you to be happy and satisfied of utilizing your time with the people who really needed them which                puts a smile on their faces too.


  1. Read A Lot Of Novel And Books

Books are known to be your best friend for a reason. Reading helps a great deal in building your confidence,                  reduces your stress and helps you gain a lot of wonderful knowledge and puts you in good mood. Once you start          reading and make it your habit, you will eventually get addicted to it.


  1. Get Rid Of Your Bad Habits

If this is the year you kick out your smoking or drinking habits, there are plenty of over the counter measures and        to do so your will power is your strongest weapon. If you really want to get rid of these habits you could approach        many people who will help you out happily.


  1. Learn Something New

Have you promised yourself that you’ll learn something new this year? Maybe you’re looking to take up a new              hobby or learn a new language for upcoming travels. With the power of the internet and your dedication even the        sky isn’t the limit.


  1. Do Some Good Deeds – Volunteer

Helping others in need is a great and selfless New Year’s Resolution. Whether you  like to head overseas to                  volunteer, help disadvantaged kids in your local area or something else, there are a lot of organisations out there          that can make it happen, according to your schedule. If you don’t have a lot of time, you can still donate to a                  charity whether it be old furniture or monetary donations. And yeah you’ll be in the good book of Santa.